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As the hurricane approaches Rhode Island, another storm brews in this New York Times bestselling beach read from the author of The Summer Wives and.
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I found myself gasping out loud more than once at what was taking place. The narrator does a fine job with the female voices, but I thought she was pretty mediocre with the male voices. Also, I didn't "love" Nick, the main character, Lily's, love interest. He was too much of a goody-two-shoes and somewhat boring, although he did sound very good-looking. This book is what some might call "chick-lit" and will probably appeal more to women than to men.

This genre isn't usually my thing, but I found myself wanting to listen when I wasn't listening to get to the bottom of the story. On a side note, they must have lit up at least cigarettes in this book.

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At a certain point, I felt that it was a little bit unnecessary and it started to bug me. This was a feel good listen for the beach with an enjoyable, somewhat predictable plot. It's great to come across a really good, easy read for those wonderful mindless summer days. Somewhat tortured characters who's complex personalities are intertwined from to The time period is depicted beautifully and Seaview, RI almost becomes a character in itself.

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Heartsick lovers Nick and Lily are separated because of tragic events, secrets and guilt. Time, revelation, confessions and true love may be just enough to bring them back into each others arms and lives.

Kathleen Mclnerney did an excellent job bringing all the different characters to life. Her pace and timing definitely added to the story, especially the turbulent ending. This book was really hard to stop listening to I recommend having a couple of hours uninterrupted to listen to the final third of the book. The story had everything I love in a light read, romance, mystery, and likeable characters and I loved learning more about pre-war America I highly recommend this one I love perfect narration.

Narration that gives life to the story and the characters and doesn't get in the way. Narration is portrayal in that way. This is a wonderful long intricate story that might have ruined by the wrong narrator. If you like stories from the era this placed in there is no reason why you wouldn't love this one. A story to savor.

I really enjoyed this book. The story was captivating and the narrator was excellent.

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This book really came to life for me and began to feel as if I really knew the characters. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

It is a wonderful, languid beach read. A lovely period piece, very descriptive and entertaining. I didn't want the story to end. What was one of the most memorable moments of A Hundred Summers? There are many memorable moments of A Hundred Summers - the great storm, how Nick ended up with Budgie, the moment Lily discovers what society really thinks of her Which character — as performed by Kathleen McInerney — was your favorite?

I liked the voice of Lily and Budgie. Kathleen McInerney was able to voice all of the characters in a way that I was able to tell who was who every single time. Who was the most memorable character of A Hundred Summers and why? Lily, of course. It is her story and it is a good story.

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A Hundred Summers is a great escape and a beautiful love story. Any additional comments? Two dimensional characters, predictable story. And how many cigarettes get smoked in this melodramatic piece of drivel??? They're clearly the author's favorite prop. Hair, lipstick, booze, cigarettes, Nick and Lilly. For goodness' sake. I haven't read a lot of fiction based on life in the thirties. Literary requirements of college and high school, while great literature, aren't exactly uplifting.

I didn't finish "The Grapes of Wrath" and long to read more about those exciting 's!

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Okay, so I shouldn't throw that title around with light Summer reading. This story is about a group of privileged New Englanders, who with a couple of exceptions, experienced the financial crises of those times only in abstract way.

They still summered in picturesque, elite New England seaside communities; mostly ignored prohibition, and attended elite Northeastern universities. The characters were realistic and well developed. Despite their privileged life, they still managed to screw this up royally, as people will. This was NOT the 's my stalwart Midwestern grandparents told me about. The writer's descriptions of the idyllic, and ridiculously idle life of summer in an affluent Rhode Island seaside community drew me in completely.

The writer skillfully reminds us of the absence of modern day technology an extremely wealthy man at the mercy of the timer on a payphone because he's out of change I forgot about those or the heroine's references to an article she just read in Time about this stuff called 'adrenaline'. I learned a lesson in selecting this title. I tend to be lazy when choosing my next listen. I have had a rule not to choose titles with less than a 4,0 reader rating.

Since this book was new and had only one rating, I clicked on the author's name to see how other titles were rated and was reminded that Ms. Williams also wrote "Overseas", another of my favorites. In doing so, I was very surprised to see that book only carried a 3. In looking at the reviews, I see many of the less charitable reviews related to the genre classification science fiction as well as romance and the comparison somewhere to "Outlander" not at all a fair comparison rather than the story itself. So, from now on, if a book looks interesting, I'll take the time to see what the negatives are before I disregard it.

What other interesting authors have I carelessly overlooked with my silly rule? I highly recommend this book, this author and this narrator. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer It seemed doable time-wise, and it's always good to adventure outside of your zone, so I downloaded those that were available now, and headed off for a weekend at the lake. After about an hour with the one about the Camperdowns, and thinking I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than go on, I realized my biggest challenge would be subject matter I'm not generally a fan of chick-lit, but the cover of A Hundred Summers reminded me of Tigers in Red Weather, a book I enjoyed very much during the summer of So I began book 2 with my fingers crossed, and Belief, Reality, and Logic suspended deep in my beach bag.

Happy to report that after an hour I was still listening -- not a needle in sight -- thoroughly enjoying myself as I listened and baked. Another languid summer at the beach house in Seaview, RI, where the setting is swell, the sun is scorching, the ocean deep breezy blue, the drinks are icy and loaded with gin. But not everything is as fabulous as it seems under those glittery sheaths and searsucker suits. It is and the gossip in town carries the rumors of war, both in the world and in Seaview.

Lily's old friend, the beautiful and scandalous Budgie, has returned to her family beach house after years away, bringing along her new husband, Lily's former boyfriend Nick Greenwald. I was content to spend the entire day and a few evening hours finishing this book, and think it really might be the perfect beach read for the ladies. It is predictable, mindless, the characters are figments of every woman's imagination, the ending was a little schmarmy, but I liked it--sue me!

McInerney does a nice job with the narration, and makes the back and forth transition of years, and different characters, effortlessly. I've heard it compared to some of author Daphne du Maurier's books and agree she wrote during the same time period in which this novel is placed. With all the elements of those great beach reads from my past: romance, intrigue, drama -- the only thing missing here was the warning from the Surgeon General Great fun, loved it, I'm 1 for 2, and on to my next beach read.

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Hope you enjoy this, and your summer. What did you like best about A Hundred Summers? What did you like least? Beatriz Williams is a competent writer; she could use a really good editor or a good writer's group to cut out the unnecessary melodrama. This book has a decent plot with some too stupid to live moments, unfortunately but it is self-indulgent and has a lot of scenes and descriptions which are excessive to the story.

I did like some of the characters, although there were an enormous number of secrets kept unnecessarily. Would you be willing to try another book from Beatriz Williams? Why or why not?

Yes, she can write well. Incredibly over-acted, histrionic performance. She has a good voice and reads well and rarely mispronounces words. The book is already melodramatic; it doesn't have to be read so very over the top dramatically, from the very first sentence.