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Essential Soccer Skills will help you appreciate what makes soccer such a great game to watch—and play. “Some people believe football (soccer) is a matter of.
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The more they practice, the better they will become.

Here are a couple of drills to improve dribbling. Juggling can help a player with his ball control, coordination and can help to improve their reactions.

You should practice your juggling daily at least 10 minutes a day. Each day try to improve the number of times you keep the ball in the air.

10 Steps to Soccer Skills

Here is a drill to learn juggling. In many ways, passing is just as important as shooting for your team to score a goal. Receiving football with your feet is an important skill in football. It goes without saying that learning to shoot the football is one of the most important skills a player will need. The two most important skills when shooting are power and accuracy. Players should practice both and also be able to shoot the ball with either foot. These drills will take your game to the next level.

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A rebound surface allows a player to increase the number of touches on the ball in a shorter, more concentrated period of time. Repetition of proper passing technique has to take priority over everything else with my players at this stage.

Soccer Skills - The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need

Tipped on their sides, these 6-foot long benches provide the perfect training tool for young and aspiring players to develop essential passing skills. Naturally, the ability to control the ball with comfort and ease using multiple surfaces foot, thigh, chest is a necessity if passing the ball is a priority. Poor control when receiving the ball allows a defender to close space quickly and put them under pressure in a hurry.

When that happens, the player no longer sees the game in front of them. And when an extra touch or two is needed to get the ball back under control, pressure from a defender can spell the beginning of the end…a turnover is looming.

2. Cutting

Improvement comes from repetition. Aspiring players must go back to the rebound surface. Players can work on two things at once — passing technique and receiving skill. A large number of players struggle to shoot the ball with confidence and with good technique. An even larger number of players are only one foot dominant — having yet to put in the time to develop the weaker foot. I see a countless number of goal scoring moments lost in games when a young player has a great opportunity to shoot but disregards the perfect chance simply because they are afraid to use their weaker foot.

Ultimately, the player chooses to run around the ball or continue a dribble — opportunity lost! A big part of youth development is creating a training environment that affords youngsters the opportunity to score lots of goals.

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If you ask a child what they love about playing soccer, scoring goals will be one of the top three answers for sure. At least one of my practices each week is designed with a shooting on goal aspect to it. In these shooting exercises, players are encouraged to use both feet. Tactics can easily become overwhelming for an year old, and understanding basic principles of play is the first step in helping them feel in control of the game.

By definition, the principles of play are — providing pressure on the ball, cover, balance in attack and defense, creating height, width and depth, etc. At this stage of development, players must begin to understand the ball is the fastest thing on the field and that chasing the ball all over the field is not how the game is supposed to be played. Obviously, in order to find success, a teammate must occupy open spaces away from pressure and a pass must be delivered with accuracy and proper pace.

When they win the ball, they need another teammate to pass it to in order to relieve pressure. This is the moment of transition — when the game shifts from offense to defense. Players who can understand and execute well in moments of transition offer options and flexibility within a team. My job as director of a youth academy program is multi-faceted.

I must hire quality coaches, design a training curriculum, schedule practices and games, coordinate events, communicate with Board members and parents, coach my teams and even line fields. My goal as a coach is to inspire young players to develop a training habit. My hope is that each player has fun and wants to come to practices and games.

What are the Most Important Soccer Skills You Should Teach Beginner Players?

Over the course of a season, I may spend hours with my players. Two practices per week and a game or two on the weekends is the structure of most youth soccer clubs in the United States. We have to assume that if a player consistently attends the practices and games, development will occur. Players who genuinely love the game have the best chance to make it to the next level of the game.

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  4. These are the skills you need to be looking for in your child to start to determine if they have the potential to play at a more competitive level in the future. For me this is a must have with my players at this age regardless of overall talent level. Catch me over there. Glad you like it. So yes I will put a full field press on the other team to get it back and get right back to attacking football.

    It is up to the other team to not let that happen. How to beat the full press is to pass out of it and make them chase the ball.